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Computer Upgrades
Computer upgrades

Why upgrade?

Your current PC may still have life in it yet. Sometimes it is a more cost effective option than buying a whole new system. Upgrading the memory, CPU, video card or hard drive are some of the most common ways to update your PC.

With each new generation of software demanding more performance from your hardware, we can assess your existing setup and advise on options available for upgrading.

You may also be interested in upgrading your operating system, for example from Windows XP to Windows 7. Additionally, we can carry software version updates.

What we offer
Hardware upgrades Software upgrades
  Motherboard Windows Vista OS  
  Memory Windows 7 OS  
  Processor (CPU) Linux OS  
  Hard Disk Drive Dual Boot Configuration  
  Video / Graphics Card Software program versions  
  Sound Card      
  Ethernet / Network Card      
  Wireless Adapter      
  CD/DVD Rewriter      
  Power Supply (PSU)      

For assistance with upgrading hardware or software call 01949 877773 for a free advice and quotes

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