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Home Networking

Many households have more than one computer or laptop, and a home network will allow your home devices to talk to each other in a useful way.

A wired or wireless network enables file, print and internet sharing amongst multiple household PCs & laptops, music and film streaming, LAN gaming and network data backups.

Another benefit for parents is that a network with a router can be configured to restrict the hours spent online, provide monitoring, and blacklisting sites that may be inappropriate.

Gaming consoles such as a Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Nintendi Wii can all be connected to the internet through the same PC network.

Networking Solutions...

There are a multitude of ways to set up home networks, so this is a brief summary of the most popular solutions.

The advantages of a wired network are speed, security and range. Wired ethernet technology allows data to be transferred at up to one gigabit (1000 Mbps) per second and is safe from hackers. Cable runs can be up to 100 metres. Virtually all computers, laptops and gaming consoles are already fitted with a wired network port so no extra hardware is necessary.

Wireless networks offer flexibility, and the benefits of no cables - especially suitable for laptops. The range is typically less, at about 30m, although extenders can be used in large houses or where walls are thick. Wireless networks need to be secured properly to prevent unauthorised access to your computers and internet connection. Many mobile phones can also connect wirelessly for web browsing and data downloads to cut down on data usage over GSM / GPRS.

The piece of equipment central to a home network is a wired or wireless router.



Additional benefits of a network router

Hardware firewall - increased online security in addition to your software firewall.
Device access control - restrict who can connect and the days / times.
Hide your home network from external discovery.
Set up your own server in a DMZ - host your own web server or make files securely available from anywhere on the internet.
Monitoring and logging.


Although my ISP sent out the hardware, I didn't trust my own abilities to set everything up securely. Kube were responsive & proficient, and explained everything to me in an understandable way

Marianne R., Lowdham


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