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PC Health Check & Optimisation
PC health check

Over time the performance of your computer will usually degrade. We can de-clutter your PC to achieve optimum start up and operating speed.

Whether you are experiencing problems, or would just like some preventative maintenance, our health check will keep your computer running at its best.

Also available for laptops without internal clean.

Because of extensive and time consuming testing, please allow 2-3 hours for this service. It may be carried out at your home / office, or if preferred we can collect your system and return it when complete.

What we do
Software Check Hardware Check Internal Clean
  Remove unwanted start-up processes to speed bootup Memory (RAM) test Anti-static vacuum of case interior  
  Remove temporary files to free up hard drive space Hard drive test Remove dust build up from all fans  
  Windows registry check and clean Optical (CD/DVD) drive test Optical drive lens clean  
  Resolve software conflicts Video card performance test      
  Apply patches and device driver updates Check processor (CPU) running temperature      
  Defragment hard disk drive Power supply (PSU) voltage test      

To optimise your computer's boot up and running speeds call 01949 877773 or drop it off at the repair shop

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