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Most PC and laptop users will know through bitter experience that, at some point, something is likely to go wrong!

It might be a software related problem, such as a virus or a spyware infection, device driver conflicts, corrupt operating system files etc., or hardware failure like a faulty power supply, memory, processor, video card, motherboard or hard disk drive.

Whether the problem is so severe that the system will not power on, or whether it's a more minor annoyance, an experienced IT professional can quickly pinpoint the issue and have you back up and running.

How we can help...

Give us a call or, if you can, email support at kubetech dot co dot uk and we will call you back. Some problems can be diagnosed and resolved over the phone.

Many software or configuration issues can be fixed through a remote desktop session. Providing you still have an internet connection, we can connect to your PC and try to resolve your problem.

If none of the first 2 methods are applicable or possible, then bring your faulty item(s) to our repair centre at 1a Grantham Road, Bingham. Appointments are not needed but please check our opening hours first. If getting to us is difficult then we can arrange a home visit at a convenient time for you.

In the case of hardware failure, we can provide a competitive quote for replacement and fitting.



Areas covered for free call out and quote

Aslockton, Barnstone, Bingham, Bottesford, Car Colston, Cotgrave, Cropwell Bishop, Cropwell Butler, East Bridgford, Farndon, Flintham, Granby, Gunthorpe, Harby, Langar, Muston, Newark, Newton, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Redmile, Saxondale, Scarrington, Screveton, Whatton.

Our experienced IT technicians cover all of Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas, including Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and the Vale of Belvoir.


Thank you so much for your help. I can't believe that within 4 hours my computer was fixed - and running faster than it has since new!

Rob F, Bingham


For assistance with your computer or laptop problem call 01949 877773 for free advice, quote and repair | Typical rates

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