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Computer Systems & Laptops

We supply 'off the shelf' systems suitable for general home use, home office, gaming, media centres etc., and can build custom systems tailored to your requirements.

Computer Systems & Laptops

Need more memory or a larger hard drive? Want to replace that old monitor with a sleek LCD? As a totally independent supplier we bring you the best gear from the leading vendors.

System Upgrade Components

Printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, microphones, portable memory, joysticks & gamepads, cables, connectors, bluetooth devices, networking products.

PC & Laptop Repairs

Computer not starting, or really slow boot up? Randomly freezing or crashing? We can pinpoint and fix software or hardware problems.


A wired or wireless network enables file, print and internet sharing amongst multiple household PCs, or LAN gaming, and media streaming.

Wired & Wireless Networks
PC Health Check & Optimisation

Over time the performance of your computer will usually degrade. We can de-clutter your PC to achieve optimum start up and operating speed.

PC Health Checks & Optimisation
Virus & Spyware Removal

With virus, trojan, spyware and scareware always prevalent - and increasingly hard to spot or prevent - even the most vigilant users can be caught out.

Virus & Spyware Removal
Training & Tuition

Whether at work or at home, learning the fundamentals of how computers and programs actually operate, will make everyday use of your PC computer much easier.

Computer training & tuition
  We are a vendor independent supplier, bringing you all of the best brands
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